Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Fabulous Florals and New Gifts

We thought that we would show you some of our arrangements that we have going out daily. We also wanted to showcase our beautiful gifts, that we get in from the British Isles. 

Check out these beautiful floral arrangements

Milica collecting some graduation flowers for a friend.
 Joy put this together in 5 minutes flat! Wrapped in the English way for presentation.
 (Many thanks to Milica for allowing us to use her picture)

This was another graduation bouquet that went out this week. We had so many going out that I couldn't get a photo of all them. But well done to all Graduating in Waterloo this week!

Regular Orders
That's right, you're not seeing double, these are two identical arrangements made for Paul Punchers. Joy does a beautiful job with these. Their brief is for some tropical touches. Being fresh arrangements, each delivery is different and dramatic.

and a lovely vase for Seasons Fine Clothing
 Such a beautiful arrangement and with Joy's wonderful design, that can be scaled up or down! I just marvel at her abilities. Their brief is to match the colors of the season.

New Designs from our suppliers in the UK

Ulster Weavers
This is the fabulous sheep design
Waterproof outer, sturdy and practical with a fun design. This design is totally new for this year and I have to say I love it!

Lined, with a zippered pocket and a magnet closure. Elevating this bag from a humble tote, to whatever you want to use this for, smart casual shopper, handbag, lunch bag, market bag. Really the uses are endless, as these bags are just so practical! 

This is just so clever, an insert that you can remove should you wish for that. 
We love this feature.

How about this Ulster Weavers sheep tea cosy! (with an insert to help protect your surfaces) 

We also have these lovely green teapots and this one has a feature (the same as our orange tea pot, scroll down and see the pictures of the insert that comes out).

Walkies for the dogs

Another  new design from Ulster Weavers this year and Joy and I just love the jolliness of it. We all know that dogs rule!
This is has a matt finish, lined, with a zip, removable base and magnetic closure

Not only can you get the bag in this design, but this tea cosy is super special and has a handy insert in the bottom of the cosy for added stability and to protect your surfaces! I call that a genius move. 

What we especially love about this tea pot is the design for not just using tea bags but also for loose tea with this removable insert. It's a genuine twofer!

And why not add an  Ulster Weavers mug! For that perfect brew and we sell loose Yorkshire Tea (Britain's favorite tea!) We also managed to get these wonderful Ulster Weavers oven gloves too. Same design also new for this year!!!!

Not to mention the wonderful bespoke candles that we have from our local gal Marilyn, hand made in Tavastock Ontario. These are Soy candles and they burn clean and for a really long time. All of our candles have the most wonderful smell and these are no exception.

New from Ulster Weavers is this Lemon design. We just had to get this in, so fresh and zingy!. We have an apron, in Ulster Weavers beautiful fabric. They also do a roll up shopping bag for all those trips out! Our yellow corner is a real class act and these lemons make the perfect gift for the whole season.

Victoria Eggs
Lets give a shout out for Victoria Eggs. Joy and I can't get enough of this lovely color. This latest design being a baking theme,  it really spoke to our nostalgia, and comfort of the kitchen, with a modern twist.

We have tea towels and mugs.
 All designed in England and made there too!

We LOVE this baking design

The image wraps around
with different motifs
Any one for high tea!!! This design I think is so delicate, all those yummy cakes, with a  slight shading of yellow and a very light mint green. But it is so subtle that it's enough just to elevate the images.

More next time, we have floral designs going out every week! Check back for our features too.


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