Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Summer Baking

 More fun at the shop, as we busily create unique floral arrangements. 

Time to change that window too! we were thinking warm breeze on summer days and making cakes! Well that was the idea behind the display. I mean there is always time for cake! right? and of course a cuppa!!!

We just love this blue. The window features one of our lovely linen aprons, (handmade in Birmingham, England) this is called 'Nordic Sky'. What a perfect colour. 
These Japanese style aprons wash and tumble dry very well. They keep their colour and they are so easy to wear, that you might just forget to take it off! No problem, as they are also super stylish . 
Visit us and see what my apron looks like after many washes !. 

Our baking themed mugs are on trend for that summer blue!

These mugs are beautiful or is that bonnie!!!, such fun, all those lovely Scottish words artfully displayed. You don't have to be Scottish to enjoy this! Certainly a conversation piece

We were asked to do some table center's for an event at the Kitchener Museum. 

This is the "behind the scenes" shot of the table center's, in the cooler

Now for the vases, for birthdays, graduation and just to say hi

Sunflowers were requested for this birthday vase. I don't know anyone who doesn't like sunflowers, such a happy flower (Remember if you have a special flower like sunflowers, these need to be ordered a head of time)

This is a true 'Joy creation', which she calls  cityscape This was made for a funeral and what a beautiful display this is, utterly unique! I am often struck by just how magical Joys arrangements are and this is no exception. These flowers are just beautiful and her choice both of texture and colour,  make for a stunning arrangement. What I think is so clever about Joy's work is it can be enjoyed in any setting. Making versatile arrangements, whatever the occasion

This request was for blue and white flowers. It is always hard to find blue flowers and in season! (remember seasonal availability and if in doubt, ask) but what a fabulous display! Joys 'vases' always look effortless 

How about this for pink and green. The large flower in the front, that is both green and white is a hydrangea and it is called Shamrock! Pretty perfect. Just imagine, that's some ones job, to name each flower

My personal favorite, light pink Gerbera Daisy and this is called Plot!

Have a happy week!!!

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