Saturday, July 29, 2023

Candles, Lemons anyone? and don't forget Weddings!!!!

 Lots of new candle fragrances fresh from our lovely supplier in Tavastock! 

These burn a long time and are clean too,

 and of course smell devine! 

 Happy Birthday Bouquet!

A lovely bouquet, something like this is available most days.
 Just love that deep purple

Bespoke Design

Our lovely customer wanted to have a display done in these clogs. 
They requested wild flowers with a dutch flavor. 
I think Joy nailed this, 
what an amazing display!

It all looks so natural and effortlessly put together

Lemon Wreaths

Look how this is so effective on a black doors! 
This is hand made in our shop

We made this for another customer, 
again lemons and some greens

Stop in and check out our other lemon wreaths. 
It is perfect accent for summer

Beautiful Vase of flowers

A lovely bespoke order that we had

Wedding Flowers
Table Centers

Brides maids

And the Bride!

Table center's in place with eucalyptus

Some additions to adore window sills

And roses for a a special day, remember if you want roses order ahead!

A single rose is just a masterpiece of natures design

And look at these beautiful butter roses for another wedding!

Brides bouquet, this time we have a special request for thistles for that Scottish
 connection! with Lily of the Valley

And all of these for the bridesmaids.
Joy has outdone herself!

Flowers ready for pick up

These are small bouquets for little ones.
 How adorable!

Joy always wraps the bouquets. 

These are for the mothers and fathers boutonnieres and wristlet

If you are wanting flowers for a wedding make sure you book ahead, 
2 or 3 months will be ideal. 
We recommend bringing in some photos 
of the sort of flowers and designs that you are looking for. 

 Joy  has over 40 years experience in wedding flowers
 and will be able to easily guide you through the process,
so that you can ensure your special day is spectacular

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