Friday, July 14, 2023

Cicadas are chirping and we are busy!


New in this week!!!

We have all the bright colours at the shop, 
this is just a sample of our fresh bouquets that we offer daily. 

Fiji Mums, daisies, mini carnations, 
Mums, carnations, and lissianthus

Tones and colours that are just delightful and so refreshing

This amazing display is one of Joy's signature arrangements, 
a window box or as we call it a city scape. 
It is a wonderful way to present flowers, 
you really get to see them.

So many favorites in this and of course blue delphiniums, 
and not forgetting those bells of Ireland. 
Both these flowers lend structure and texture to the arrangement. 
No matter the occasion this display is sure to delight

I love this this pink and white display! 
It is fresh and delicate, sweet heart roses, 
carnations and personal favorite gerbera daisies. 
All arranged into our lovely iridescent squatty vase.
The most delightful natural colour combination of Plot! 
(Gerbera Daisy)

You might be thinking this is seeing double but no, 
this is two arrangements that are made to match. 
These are our order for Paul Punchers and 
what an amazing display they are getting this time. 
Tropical Birds of Paradise and Anthurium, so spectacular. 

Sitting in their arches, 
these will really create a wonderful ambiance

More bucket flowers, we can't keep these in! 
Our 'pick up and go' bouquets are just the perfect size

Daises, statis (these are the deep purple flower, 
these will dry too and stay that intense purple colour), 
thistles (these also are good to dry), 
and  mini carnations 

All the magentas! 
Carnations, lissianthus in such a rich colour, 
and the most amazing coloured gerbera daisy

Mauves with carnations, alstroemeria and daises

Fresh Delivery
of handmade Coasters

Little trailer, or as we would say caravan. 
We have had to keep reordering these
 as they just sell out so quickly

Sweet birds, with flower, 
umbrellas and eggs!

Each coaster is unique, 
as everyone is made by hand

What I love is the combination of colours that she uses

That bird is so cute

She does the most amazing boarder at the top 
and this really just finishes them off wonderfully

Finally zingy green. 
If you like these make sure you stop by soon, 
to get the best of the selection, 
these beauties won't last!!!

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